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Domestic and family violence comes in many forms and can include lots of different types of abuse. It can be any behaviour meant to control, dominate, humiliate or scare the other person. A person doesn’t need to experience all of these types of abuse for it to be domestic or family violence.

Some examples of domestic and family violence are:

·        punching, hitting, kicking, pushing, throwing things at a person

·        stalking and harassing

·        sexual assault (forcing sex or sexual acts)

·        making threats, insults, put-downs

·        controlling who they see and what they do

·        controlling money

As part of the NSW Government’s initiative to combat domestic violence, the Department of Communities and Justice have provided additional funding through the Domestic Violence Response Enhancement (DVRE) to strengthen and enhance homelessness service responses, including women’s refuges (for women and children experiencing or at risk of homelessness because of domestic and family violence).

Through the DVRE, specialist homelessness services and Service Support Fund services that are funded to deliver a domestic violence response have a greater capacity to strengthen our after-hours responses to those in crisis through tailored local service models, including increased crisis and temporary accommodation options and support.
Funding is also used for flexible brokerage, safety planning, case management, assessment and referral after hours. This ensures all women who present to a service receive a risk and safety assessment to identify immediate needs and thereafter, a referral to the most appropriate accommodation and/or support service.

With this funding, together with our SHS Funding, our service is able to provide the following: 

·        case management – a caseworker will assist to identify and assess needs and help set and achieve goals;

·        expertise on domestic and family violence;

·        referral to other specialist services;

·        brokerage funding to upgrade home and personal security and assist in recovery;

·        property security audits in conjunction with local police;

·        assistance with safety planning;

·        assistance for men, women and their children in order for them to be safe;

·        personal security devices;

·        support and advocacy during the various legal processes both in the Local Court and Family Law Court;

·        general advocacy;

·        emotional and psychological support;

·        emergency relief in the form of grocery and personal care packages; and

·        assistance to obtain financial support and information.

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